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Renewable Biz - Recreational, Commercial and Rural Off Grid Power Distribution, Manufacturers of the Leading and original Nomad PDU..

Nomad PDU V5 - Dimensions
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Newly Released Power Distribution Board, simply takes any battery of AGM/Lead Acid or Gel and Turns it into a power station......

PDB - Power Distribution Board for all your AGM/Lead Acid or Gel Batteries
 A local and Australian owned renewable business focused on distributing quality products for the domestic, recreational and commercial markets, with a passion to provide Reliable solutions for the 4WD/Caravan/Camping/Marine/Rural and Commercial industries - From pocket inverters, adapters, chargers, high efficiency lighting through to Commercial Solar street and path lighting, Fridges, Freezers and Power Distribution Units.  For all pricing please see your local distributor,   or we can put you in touch with them.

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The V5 Nomad PDU 100ah Lithium NMC (Power Distribution Unit), Nothing comes close. Designed and Manufactured exclusively for Renewable Biz and exclusive to Renewable Biz partners. info@renewablebiz.com.au - 

Not only for the recreational power user, but truly a versatile and flexible off grid solution for Rural Applications and now available at your local Landmark Store or Agent.

Do not be fooled by products that claim even close to our specification and price. You also may ask why we do not include a 240V inverter?  1000 or 1500 or more watt!. there is a good reason for this Click Here to understanding what you need to understand in any caravan, 4wd or camping situation Click here. We are here to help  - just reach out..!

See Tutorials below of Nomad PDU Applications for Camping/4WD/Caravan/Fishing and Commercial markets, The Most common Q &A Links Below; Available through our extensive and experienced PARTNERS, all states. View full specs of the Unit below and View the  Video clips. Unmached Recreactional and offgrid power solutions Contact Us or ATny of our Partners

Benefits of the Nomad PDU Lithium over Traditional Lead Acid/Agm or Gel  - CLick to View

Running Accessories on the Nomad PDU , what can you run on the PDU - Click to View

Running Accessories Part 2,  Including Paralel - Click to View

IMPORTANT:  Charging the PDU Using the unregulated input directly from a car V4 V5 Fusing requirements - Click To View . Preferably use DCDC 10amp Nomad Kit.

Commercial Application: Renewable Biz has an extensive background in low voltage medical applications and general construction projects requiring power solutions. PV/Back up /Ups/ Power Storage/Hybrid/Pumps/Solar/Access Control/CCTV and more. If you have a Tender that requires a tailored solution to meet and exceed specification,  then we can build fit for purpose,  complex power storage and distribution solutions. Enquire about your project needs today at commercial@renewablebiz.com.au

The New V5 Nomad PDU - 100ah Lithium
  • Massive 10amp draw available from "each' of the outputs. (20amp from the Anderson output).
  • Maximum Output at any time from entire unit 20amp with 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge Minimum)
  •  2X Ciga Sockets, 1 X Engel, 1 X andersons, Dual USB outputs, 2 x 2.1mm light jack outputs.
  • Powered by Lithium NMC, arguably as stable if not more stable than lead acid.
  • Charge Unit by Regulated up to 25amp and unregulated 10amp
  • Optional AC/DC charger or trickle charge from car.
  • Optional DCDC 10amp Lithium in car charger.
  • Dual Screens for ease of operation, how much voltage and how much power accessories are using.
  • MPPT and BMS inside protect the unit.
  • Dead short and reverse polarity protection.


Video showing the Nomad PDU V5 application and suitability for Dual!

This Video Shows a full install into a Hummer H3 and Mustang GT.


Resetting the Nomad PDU from a dead short or overloading, simply how to do.

 CONTACT US!! The V5 Boasts upgraded heavy duty 25amp BMS, New Anderson Fridge Output Max (20amp), Unit can be run in parallel to increase campsite shared power.

Not all lithium is the same, there are   many types with varying stability and volatility.

NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) used in many e-bikes, power tools, military and medical equipment.

To learn more about Lithium and batteries/Safety and applications in General, including the relationship that NMC has with Tesla, CLICK!  BATTERY UNIVERSITY


Go a week without the need to charge your unit!!! 
Available in 60ah (7kg) and 100ah (11kg) with 80% plus DOD - Depth of discharge, Don't let the size and weight fool you, it by far provides more power than its AGM/Lead Acid or Gel Heavy equivalent.

Dual Battery systems with punch do not have to be hard wired to the car in a permanent nature limiting your camping options, with the Nomad PDU and its light weight, you can take your power source wherever you like, not confined to the car only,  giving more camping options.

Perfect for Caravan, Camping , Fishing and 4wd where a high output and long lasting power supply is needed without the weight, cost and size of a lead acid or gel battery set up. Use your PDU for all your outdoor garden lighting and alfresco lighting when you are not camping and save on your power bills.

what can you run from the NOMAD PDU V5?



  1. Nomad;Great product, reliable, trouble free, light weight, using with CUB camper trailer set up.