DCDC-Lithium In Car Charging options

DCDC In-Car Charger, , we have released in May 2019 our 10 amp DCDC Lithium Specific option for in Car charging,  and now the latest 20amp option for the V5 model, that will eliminate the guess work when wanting to charge from the vehicle, while also balancing and charging with the specific algorithm to maintain the Lithium Structure.

You can install 2 different ways from simple install, connecting the DCDC unit to a Ciga socket to and Anderson connection into the Nomad PDU, or Full Dual style install through to the crank battery.
Take a look at the "CLIP" showing you the DCDC in operation.

All Cabling, Cabling , Anderson Style Connectors, DCDC unit and Fuses are included in each of the Kits...The 10 amp Kit is suitable for all versions of the Nomad PDU regulated charge at 10 amp. The 10 amp charge is recommended as maximum charge for the PDU, although the V5 can accept teh 20amp Charge through regulated input..

Everything you need is included to set up your lightweight and Powerful Dual Battery system, suitable for direct soldering (Solder not included)

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty under normal use. The below break down is for the 10amp kit, the 20amp kit includes a 20amp module and 4 X 20amp fuses, all teh rest is the same.


  1. Hey mate can I use my 25amp DCDC charger. It has a lithium charging mode.

    Model is from Kickass products.

  2. With other chargers , if they have a lithium setting it will depend on the charger , as it may be multiple stage and not talk to the BMS in the Nomad. We do not know the internals of all the chargers on the market however if you have a setting of lithium and it is less than 25 amp, no more then you could try it but we couldnt advise whether it would trigger a charge.