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DCDC In Car Charging Kit

Set your dual Nomad PDU  up with a complete installation kit DIY, all you need to provide a regulated 10amp charge from your vehicle to your Lithium Nomad PDU.

Power Distribution Board - Turn your existing Auxilary AGM/Lead Acid or Gel Batteries into a power plant by adding a PDB to distribute your DC Power to your 12 volt accessories while being able to measure Draw Amp, and voltage - Unit capable of supplying up to 50 amp across the unit Click for further details

Life PO4 100ah Battery with Blue Tooth. Upgrade or replace your old AGM/Lead Acid or Gel with a 100ah Lithium Battery with blue tooth so you can monitor its stage.

Similar Characteristics as Lead Acid without teh weight.
LiFePO4 battery 12V 100Ah
Rated voltage
Voltage range
10V- 14.6V
Charge current
Max 50amp
Continuous discharge
Peak discharge
300 amps
about 12kg
Charge temperature
Discharge temperature
 -20 ~60
Cycle life(80% DOD)
More than 2000 cycles

DC 20 amp hand Held Blender - Designed and built for Renewable Biz to work perfectly from the Nomad PDU, from the anderson output of the new V5 - Blender will be available from August 2019. Slimline Designed for Caravan and Camping applications, Finally a blender that can help you with your soups and juices on your camping trips and doesnt use much power,

One of the most sort after Lighting accessories is the LED Light Strip that provides over 1200 lumen over 1 meter Water resistant strip, with multiple adapters, alligator clips and strip grips to connect to tree or tent, or under the bonnet to work on the vehicle if broken down at night. 5 Meter of Cable and DIMMER button, with water proof carry and storage bag. Don't pay over 100 dollars or even 50 for this quality item.

Handy 150 Watt Pocket Inverter, plug into your ciga socket and connect to your 240 volt accessory such as a laptop, handy to have if you dont have a DC version of accessory.

12 Volt 20 amp Inverter with USB ports.

USB Ciga Adpaters  3 port with LED light display

They are small and seem insignificant till you need them, if you are caught without cigas, or engel or merit then strip your positive and negative and connect to one of these or use them as a main output as they are high amp rated,  marked positive and negative to reduce the chance of reverse polarity. These are one of the most under rated tools in camping.. Great for a back up connection especially when you can run a 6-10amp fridge off them. (Rated to 20amp!!)

2.1mm to female ciga socket, this allows you to use more ports on the PDU, you can plug a ciga socket into the adapter and connect to the unit by the small port - These are rated 7.5 amp, so again you can run large items off a small output, given you multiple options.

Trickle Charge form your Ciga Socket. 5amp Ciga male to spade red and back - again you can strip and add an Anderson for your  PDU or other accessories.

Mobile Phone, Multi adaptable, holders - you might get one for a song or thrown in with a purchase of a renewable biz product. Great to stick up to 8 inch pads to the window for video and photo etc. simply stick to the window by pushing down lever.

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