DCDC-Lithium In Car Charging options

You can install 2 different ways from simple install, connecting the DCDC unit to a Ciga socket to and Anderson connection into the Nomad PDU, or Full Dual style install through to the crank battery.

  • With the new Grab and Go Ciga/DC 5amp kit it comes complete so you can simply charge directly from any ciga socket in any vehicle if the ciga socket in the car is rated 10amp minimum. It controls the lithium charge to 5amp so you do not over heat your vehicle cabling and socket. RRP $120.00


If you want to charge at higher rates, then the 10 or 20amp DCDC Kits are available. All Cabling, Cabling , Anderson Style Connectors, DCDC unit and Fuses are included in each of the Kits...The 10 amp Kit is suitable for all versions of the Nomad PDU regulated charge at 10 amp. The10 amp charge is recommended as maximum charge for the PDU, although the V5 can accept the 20amp Charge through regulated input..

Everything you need is included to set up your lightweight and Powerful Dual Battery system, suitable for direct soldering (Solder not included)

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty under normal use.
e that you upgrade the cabling in your vehicle with the supplied 6mm Heavy duty auto cable and Anderson (to replace ciga socket) or ensure that the existing cabling can support Min 30amp. If replacing existing cable to ciga socket, install the 20amp fuse (if using a 10amp Module) along that run closer to front of vehicle. Use 40amp fuse if running a 20amp DCDC module.


    Make sure that you upgrade or confirm that the run to the ciga socket cabling can handle the 30 amp, so you do not have heating issues. The Module can be positioned away from the engine bay to reduce heat, back of vehicle is fine.

•   air on the side of caution –Run the 20amp fuse (for 10amp DCDC) ,  or 40amp fuse (For 20amp DCDC)  between ciga socket (Anderson) and end of run to the accessory bar or crank battery, however you choose to set up – Direct to crank will continue to draw current if not disconnected when car is not running.

•   In the 3 points above we explain that you are responsible for checking the suitability of installing the DCDC unit and checking ratings, do not assume that the ciga socket cabling in your vehicle can handle 20-30 amp, if unsure please speak to the vehicle manufacturer or auto electrician. Full spec on the DCDC is enclosed.

    Remember to check whether your ciga socket run is active at all times or when accessories is on only – we advise to disconnect the unit when charging is not needed. Unless you choose to install a VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay) Not included in the kit.

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