Ebay- discount buyers beware

Please support your local retail suppliers as they can offer the Complete Nomad Price with approved charger, Full Support / Warranty! and After sales you simply can't expect with E-bay, or discount retailers.

There are retailers who will advertise the unit only price, and then you find out a charger ACDC is required, and there may not be stock available, or some are advertising the units and not be stockists. The Nomad PDU should be sold as a complete kit, not separately which some retailers are advertising, and requires additional equipment! such as charger.

The RRP for the full kit, with Authorized charger is $995.00, The product requires trained professional advice - not to mention should a warranty claim be made,you would have to get the unit back to the retailer! and lithium is not cheap or easy to transport. Our quality partners are also able to offer you matched and suitable products to complement the solution you are looking for.

Buying online is fine, until you require support, and find out the unit or accessories are not matched or you made a mistake in understanding loads, capacity and limitations.

Remember to ask what is the full price of the Kit, do they carry stock and provide back up..and what are your potential risks.