Garden Application for Your Nomad PDU

Not only can your Nomad PDU be great for your camping power needs, it can also be used in the home, especially in replacing any 240/12 volt transformers which are powered by your home electricity and subsequent energy costs.

Low voltage garden lights, typically running off a transformer are also not that efficient and do use a decent amount of power even when the transformer converts the 240 down to 12 volt. There is a conversion of power cost and loss of efficiency when converting from AC to DC current and Visa Versa.

When you are not using your Nomad PDU for camping, you can use the PDU to run all your DC 12 volt garden lighting and power them from the sun. Use your camping solar panel to keep your Nomad topped up daily. Do not be concerned that you will wear the Nomad out , as the Lithium NMC likes to be cycled and running these batteries up and down everyday is good for the unit, and means that you are getting better value for money than just using it for your camping needs. Eliminate needless power costs around the home, in the city or in the country by powering any of your lighting being run from transformers. Your current transformer or transformers may look something like this and will contribute significantly to your power bills.

Connecting all your garden lights to the nomad means that there is no conversion between ACDC, as the lights are already rated 12 volt (Check your light globes - they will typically say 12volt and how many watt)

All you have to remember is that the Nomad PDU has a maximum output of 20amp at any time, so if you use 10watt globes in your spotlights or bollards for example , that is equivalent to about 1.05 amp each. This means that if you ran 10 X 10watt lights from the unit, then you would be using 10.5 amp per hour. The unit is rate at 80% DOD, so you have 80 ah HOURS to use with would be 8 X 10.5 - aprox. So you would get about 8 solid hours out of the battery running those lights. The Amp meter will tell you how much your lights are drawing.

The more efficient your globes or WATT rating , the more lights you can run on the line.

The lights shown here are all 10 watt, but are probably not necessary and could be changed to 3 watt each.

 You have to remember that most of the solar lights you can buy cheaply are only about .5-1 watt each because of the limitation in the individual panel n each light, so as long as you work out the Wattage of your globes and keep the Nomad under 20amp at any time, you can run your garden
at night for between 8-12 hours depending on the wattage/amp being used.

More efficient lighting is shown here where the 14 lights only use 1.5 amp, and we can provide these for such application as gazebbos, garages, sheds and other offgrid applications.

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