Inverters Limitations expectations and typical confusions

Internal ac inverters versus external. DC inverters to AC come with many questions before you can say an inverter is suitable for an AC product.

This is why we do not include an internal inverter with the Nomad PDU.

When people see a 240v connection that you can plug your plasma TV, blender, hammer drill, and other power hungry equipment, most people do not know the limit of the inverter!! yes there is a limit. Even a 1000 watt inverter is not enough to run most common in house products such as blenders, microwave, and hair dryers. The inverter might be rated to 1000 watt and the product rated same... But you are running at 100 percent of capacity and they will fail at some stage, and everyone expects there is more inthe inverter than on the rating, and from experience everyone will push the limits.

That means you have a battery pack solution that now is dead for all your lighting and fridge applications, because you did not understand there are limitations on inverters.

As a manufacturer, there is no benefit to you as a customer and us as a manufacturer to put an internal inverter unless you choose a 90% plus warranty claim. As people we do not understand watts and amps? we simply think  house 240 plug we can plug anything into !! and we do, and the inverter will fail always. which is why 90% of the problems on inverters are overloads , meltdowns etc. and by consumers expecting more than is possible from them

Inverters are Great: But external only, so if you burn the inverter out you do no destroy all other power to your camper van, 4wd or campsite or even worse cause a fire..............and you can continue on camping replace and learn ?

If you rely on running your household goods on inverters there is no win whatsoever and you will have warranty issues on you power supply if you have internal inverters. They cannot run at 100% for 24 hours let alone 3-4 without failing over time.

The Nomad PDU will never have internal Inverters as we would like you to manage you trip correctly so you don't have unexpected challenges.

If you are not sure, dumbest question is the one you do not ask, we have many people ask us before buying and what they were planning.

Any retailer who says this will do it all!  needs to have  asked many questions to provide the correct solution - not just bigger is better.

As manufacturers we do offer a service that you can submit what you want to run in fridges and lighting . Cpap and other equip and we can suggest if our Nomad PDU 100 or 60 will do the power job, then we will advise the partners our recommendations so you have a good camping holiday.

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