NEW! Releases December 2019

With the success of the Nomad PDU Lithium Grab and Go series, we hae undertaken development of 2 new Versions to suit many of the specific needs, resulting from the Numerous requests by customers to develop such options. The 2 Versions will follow similar format and weight as the V5, however with different characteristcs. See below for details and indicative costings. Both Units are scrutinised under the same quality processes as the Nomad PDU V5.

These units will be available in December prior to XMAS from all our partners, you can lodge an expression of interest and we will update you on latest images the latest images of production. Send us an email or fill in the expression of interest link on the right.

Search Battery Chemistries at for all your detailed spec on lithium Compositions.

Nomad PDU V5-200ah (Lithium NMC – Voltage Range 8.8-12.6)

This NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) Lithium unit follows the same format and chemical combination as the V5 Nomad, with an increased built in mppt lithium controller to 10amp and regulated input will remain at 25amp. All outputs 2 by Ciga, 1 by Engel and 2.1mm jack outputs max of 10amp, Dual USB, the Anderson output max is 20amp - Unit remains with 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) which supports the longevity of the battery. Max output at anytime is 20amp.

The 200ah unit weight is 23.5kg and will suit the Camp hungry requirements of multiple fridges for longer periods of time without having to carry 100 plus kg of batteries such as Lead acid/gel or AGM, and not to mention the space required to get the same amount of available power as the 200ah  Nomad.

The unit still offers the slimline design, safety features and benefits that have made the Nomad PDU so successful and more importantly reliable!

Dimensions for the 200ah Nomad are 540mm*325mm*90mm.

The Units will Come with an 8amp ACDC charger and will also be compatible for the DCDC in car charge kits, either the 10amp or the 20amp option

Units are expected to Retail with ACDC charger at $1695.00 for the 200ah Lithium NMC version

Life Po4 100ah Nomad PDU –LPO100 (Voltage Range 10-14.8)

The Life PO4 (Lithium-Iron-Phophate) Nomad PDU uses a different composition of chemical see Life Po4 and it is specifically designed to provide a higher voltage range of operation, This will give you the option of running higher volatge accessories however most 12 volt accessories run perfectly well off the 12.6 voltage of the NMC.

Life Po4 is very stable as you can see on the clip on this website. LifePo4 is more expensive to produce and is reflected in the price of the Units, however they have very good specific application benefits.

These Units also have 2 by Ciga 10amp outputs, 1 by 10amp Engel, 1 by 20amp Anderson, 10amp by 2.1mm Ports, Dual USB. Charge by 10amp unregulated input, or 25amp regulated input same as NMC V5

Dimensions of the Unit is 310mm*160mm*250mm. 

Units Expected to retail at $1495.00.

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