Rent a Nomad PDU Today.

Now available for your short or long camping trips, where you want to maximise your space for important accessories such as a fridge and lighting, Fishing gear and so on, and don't want to tie up space with a heavy and space consuming Lead acid or AGM battery set up just to power your campsite.

No Need to go to the expense of purchasing a complex or heavy solution for a long weekend, when you can rent a power supply  100ah with DCDC Regulator in car charger for as little as $30 a                 day. Try the Nomad PDU which is highly regarded as a reliable
             and powerful  recreational power source..

Rent a camping solution to power all your needs, and then you have the option and time to consider what application you really need for future camping trips. The Nomad PDU can be charged by regulated or unregulated solar and or trickle charged from supplied DCDC in car charger and AC/DC unit. We supply everything you need to keep the unit fully charged and enjoy your getaway,  most people find that for a long weekend,  the Nomad PDU 100ah will run most campsites without the need for charging.

Available now in all states, simply email the relevant link below and we will get back to you, For long and short term hire, we also have pocket inverters and larger inverters, lighting solutions and more to suit your needs.

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