Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Nomad PDU (Power Distribution Unit) By Renewable Biz - Designed and Manufactured for our National Network of Retail Partners in the 4wd/Camping/Caravan and Fishing Industries.

The V5 Nomad PDU 100ah Lithium NMC (11kg, 320x315x90mm)  Power Distribution Unit (Includes Lithium Battery) is truly a revolutionary power supply that is Powerful, Lightweight and Reliable. Designed and Manufactured exclusively for Renewable Biz and exclusive to Nomad PDU Partners. info@nomadpdu.com.au
Also available in Life PO4 , inquire for pricing info@nomadpdu.com.au
RRP $995.00 Including 8amp ACDC Charger.  (Battery is Included)
Always Follow Instructions to the Letter, and follow all ratings and charging instructions.

A local and Australian owned renewable business focused on distributing quality products for the domestic, recreational and commercial markets, with a passion to provide Reliable solutions for the 4WD/Caravan/Camping/Marine/Rural and Other. You are only limited to your imagination when putting the Nomad PDU to work.

Take a look at the installs, and versatility shown by our partner network and click on the above right link, or  CLICK HERE!

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No Longer are you limited to Large and Heavy power supplies that confine you to one application by being stuck to a vehicle.The Nomad PDU is simply the most modern, grab and go power supply that loses nothing in power even though its weight and size is 1/4 of your traditional set ups.
If you are looking to keep as much space as possible in your 4wd set up, then the Nomad PDU will provide you with significant power and stability, charging options and versatility to remove in seconds and apply to another location - at 11kg anyone can move it around. (Install by Desert 4x4 in Kalgoorlie WA)

Whatever you need on any camping or extended stay can be run from your Nomad, with a Max of 20amp at any time, you can run a large fridge/freezer an power up your c-pap machine, Cryo, Small 12 volt oven, Charge your cordless power tools, run your TV and satellite, and much much more.

Not only for the recreational power user, but truly a versatile and flexible off grid home solution or for rural  Applications.Take a look at some of the Podcasts in this site, and explore the many applications the Nomad can be used for and see if its right for you.


If you are considering a Nomad PDU, please watch the podcasts below, it will give you a great insight into the applications and accessories you can run from the unit, we will touch on charging and the use of inverters, and much much more..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnzqLQEaiNsWatch both of these podcasts, as many of your questions, and queries will be answered here.

If you have any further queries please email us at technical@nomadpdu.com.au

Do not be fooled by products that claim even close to our specification and price. Lets Take a look at some of the specs on the Nomad PDU. Take a further look below at resetting dead shorts and Overload Resetting. Most importantly follow the Instructions including adhering to loads and charge specifications.

The New V5 Nomad PDU - 100ah Lithium
  • Massive 10amp draw available from "each' of the outputs. (20amp from the Anderson output).
  • Maximum Output at any time from entire unit 20amp with 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge Minimum)
  •  2X Ciga Sockets, 1 X Engel, 1 X andersons, Dual USB outputs, 2 x 2.1mm light jack outputs.
  • Powered by Lithium NMC, arguably as stable if not more stable than lead acid.
  • Charge Unit by Regulated up to 25amp and unregulated 10amp
  • Optional AC/DC charger or trickle charge from car.
  • Optional DCDC 10amp Lithium in car charger.
  • Dual Screens for ease of operation, how much voltage and how much power accessories are using.
  • MPPT and BMS inside protect the unit.
  • Dead short and reverse polarity protection.

Common errors the user makes is faulty wiring on accessories and overcharging, how do you reset the unit in both instances.

http://www.youtu.be/Y-q553aYdiEPlease do not assume the unit will accept higher charge rates in the regulated or unregulated inputs.

Now lets Take a look at some of the Most common Questions and Answers that we have received for new and existing Nomad Users. Most common Q & A  Parts 1 through 4.



Commercial Application: Renewable Biz has an extensive background in low voltage medical applications and general construction projects requiring power solutions. PV/Back up /Ups/ Power Storage/Hybrid/Pumps/Solar/Access Control/CCTV and more. If you have a Tender that requires a tailored solution to meet and exceed specification,  then we can build fit for purpose,  complex power storage and distribution solutions. Enquire about your project needs today at commercial@nomadpdu.com.au

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